WordsWithThoughts is a personal endeavor to write consistently in a thoughtful way.  I purposefully chose to write about movies and television since this medium is such a huge and important part of modern life. No longer is television and movies are second rate to Broadway productions and important plays. There is so much good writing channeled through television and movie screens that I feel compelled to write my thoughts about what I watch.  Yes, it's an indulgence. But why not? As a writer I'm always learning from others and in doing so augment my understanding of the world around me. So occasionally, you'll find me writing about my own stuff - perhaps a stumbling block I've encountered or a particularly good resolution to a story twist.  At other times it will the the latest episode of a TV show or a movie that I've just seen.  To be a writer is to write every day, every week. A passage, a bunch of sentences, a reflection. Taking in the world and thinking about it....one blog entry at a time.