Story plot development

And so, it happened again. I've come to a sticking point in the third episode of the television series I'm developing.  It happened quite unexpectedly as I thought I had the entire episode well planned.  I did, in part.  About 50% of the story went smoothly - scenes, lines, connecting points - all of it. Then I hit a snag and just like that words dried up. I managed to eke out a couple of pages of good stuff and that's it.  

So, in my attempt to find out what went wrong I was looking over my outline. There it is - not enough research for this particular part of the episode.  I thought I had done enough but I didn't. Not enough specifics anyway.

To put a perspective on this - the story takes place between Russia and France in the early 20th century.  My character is looking to raise funds for a venture. He has to approach wealthy industrialists to do that.  The source of funds, I got that.  How they make money, I got that.  I thought the dialogue and the scenes would just flow, like the rest of the episode. What I didn't anticipate is that I would have to research the industry where the money is made way more thoroughly than I had done.  Without it I can't create enough visual scenes to tell the story.

That's my task for the rest of the day - research and think. Connect the dots....Tomorrow's task - finish Episode 3.